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Adult Cooking School

The Cooking School for Beginners series of cooking classes are perfect for cooks who are just starting out or would like to refresh their fundamentals.

The 8 week series of classes are all hands-on and follow true culinary techniques which explore a wide variety of culinary concepts. We teach classic French cooking technique which is the standard of the world. Each class is scheduled once per week in the evenings for 3 hours. Chef Kevin has created this series of classes to teach solid, basic cooking skills. We will learn, create, and enjoy a new menu each week, including a dessert. 


Cooking School for Beginners & Improving Home Cook Skills

The series includes:

Session One: Introduction to Mise en Place, Kitchen Equipment & Knife Skills
Session Two: Eggs- French Omelets & Souffles 
Session Three: Salad Greens and Fresh Salad Dressings
Session Four: Fresh Pasta and Sauces
Session Five: Poultry
Session Six: Beef & Pork
Session Seven: Seafood
Session Eight: Bread & Focaccia

Classes start at $125.00 per person/ per class. Plus text book $55.00. Senior discounts and military family receive a discount

Cooking Class


Workshops for All Ages
Individual Classes on Popular Culinary Techniques 
Couples Date Night
Team Building 

From Knifes Skills, Basic Pizza Making, Fresh Pasta, Crepes, Fresh Homemade Salad Dressings, Basic Breads,
Focaccia Bread, Gluten Free Recipes, Dairy Free Recipes
Join us for these hands on engaging workshops to grow your culinary expertise!


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